Below Ground

3500 litre tankTanks can be surface mounted however aesthetically they are better off buried in the ground. As such the hole they go in must be situated at a distance from the foundations equal to the depth of the tank. Generally this is around 3 – 4 meters.




rainwater tank in groundNo additional reinforcing is required (the hole is simply back filled) unless there is a high water table or it is expected to take anything greater than a pedestrian load i.e. located under a driveway.

Tank Connections

The Tank has three connection points; Rainwater Inlet, Rainwater Outlet and a Services Duct.

The rainwater inlet recieves the water from your downpipes which will have been diverted from the existing drain connections.

The rainwater outlet is used to divert captures moss and leaves as well as excess rainwater (when the tank is full) to the existing drains.

The Services Duct carries the Mains top up water within it, the pumped water supply (32mm Black MDPE Pipe) and the pump and sensor cables.

rainwater harvesting schematic