T & C

And now for the small print….

We, like all companies, have to protect ourselves from a minority of people who would take advantage of our good and trusting nature so we have written these terms & conditions in what we believe to be a clear, fair and direct manner. It you feel that you can’t abide by our few and simple rules please don’t do business with us.


  • Unless specifically stated all goods carry a 12 month manufacturers guarantee against defects in workmanship. In the event of a component failure due to faulty components or workmanship, the component will be replaced free of charge during the guarantee period.
  • All installations carried out by Sky Flair Ltd carry a 2 year guarantee on workmanship.This can be extended to 5 or 10 years on request.


  • If the goods failed due to wear and tear, misuse or damage then the customer will be liable for replacement goods and labour charges.
  • Damage caused to electrical components by disconnecting any component whilst it is powered or delivering power can cause irreversible damage. This includes inverters, batteries, charge controllers and turbines.
  • Unauthorised modification of any installation automatically invalidates any part of this guarantee.


  • The title to all goods and equipment remains with Sky Flair Ltd until paid for in full.
  • Sky Flair Ltd does not operate any credit facilities or monthly accounts. For installations there will be a 25% deposit required on the placing of an order with the balance due on the completion of the installation. For supply only full payment will be required at the time of order.
  • The customer will be responsible for any cost incurred to Sky Flair Ltd in failed payments from customers (e.g. returned or stopped cheques).
  • Any invoices unpaid 28 days after date of invoice will be liable to interest at a rate of 2% per month.


  • It will be the customer responsibility to obtain any appropriate planning permission (where applicable) before any installation work is commenced by Sky Flair Ltd unless the customer has expressly requested that Sky Flair Ltd do it on the customers behalf.


  • Whilst we will endeavour to meet the installation dates stated in the Installation Contract there may be rare occasions when, due to unforeseen circumstances or severe weather (strong winds, heavy rain, deep snow), it will be unsafe to proceed with the installation. In such situations we will rearrange to an alternative date.