Flat Plate Panels

How it Works




A copper pipe is wound up and down the panel and is sandwiched between an insulating material below and a thermal absorber layer above. These are then encased in an aluminium frame with a clear glass top.



Daylight passes through the glass and is captured by the absorber, heating it up. The heat is then transfered to the liquid passing through the pipework.



Schuco Compact Line Panels

The compact line panel offers easy flat roof, on roof or integrated roof installation. These are suited to both new build and retrofit situations and are available in both portrait and landscape options. Suitably sized systems can not only supply hot water but be used to supplement heating (especially underfloor heating) and even swimming pools.

Price £499.72 + VAT.

Note :- VAT rate will be 5% on installations or 20% for supply only.


Panel Dimensions 2039 x 1139 x 80 mm (L x W x H)
Panel Area 2.32 m2
Absorber Area 2.15 m2
Efficiency 79.9%
Nominal Thermal Output 1.7 kW – 750kWh per annum
Certificates Solar Keymark Reg No. 011-7S651 F