Biomass Heating

Biomass stoves burn either wood logs, wood pellets or wood chips. They have zero carbon footprint, as any carbon dioxide produced by burning wood in a stove is simply reemitting the carbon dioxide absorbed by trees during their lifetime. As long as the wood is from a sustainable wood source, there is no net increase in CO2 emission – making wood stoves a very environmentally-friendly heat source.

Wood Log Stoves

Modern wood log stoves can be very efficient and are available in both modern and traditional styles.

Stoves can be either for room heating only or some have an integrated boiler for providing hot water.

See Wood Log Stoves for a sample of what we can offer. Other makes and models can be sourced on request.

Pellet Burning Stoves

Pellet Burning Stoves are even more efficient – typically around 80-87% and again they are completely carbon neutral. They are available in both room heating only and room heating with hotwater (both for central heating and hot water) versions. Heat outputs range from 6.73kW to 150kW

They have an additional benefit over wood burning stoves in that they have automated start up and shut down systems allowing them to operate whilst you are still asleep or out in just the same way as a gas or oil boiler.

See Wood Pellet Stoves our range with other manufacturers available on request.