Temperature Difference Controllers

These are the ‘brains’ of your system. It monitors the temperature of the water at the top and bottom of the Thermal Store (or hot water tank) as well as at the solar panel and then uses these readings to determine when to start and stop circulating the heated water. It can also be configured to heat swimming pools or hot tubs when there is a full tank of hot water.


This controller allows great flexibility in setup and control of solar systems – it can be used for a single solar panel system with or without variable pump speed control, swimming pools, with heat dumps or switching conventional heating systems, it can be used with two pump East/West twin solar panel systems.

The Controller has a high definition screen allowing moving graphics, and three temperature readings to be displayed simultaneously. It is able to address three temperature sensor inputs and has two relay outputs, including one ‘electronic’ relay which can provide variable speed control for pumps. The display indicates the total heat gain to date (kWh) and also, when the pump is running, it will display the rate of heat gain (W).

Price £149.99 + VAT.

Note :- VAT rate will be 5% on installations or 20% for supply only.