Provide Electricity For Yor Property

With On-Grid systems the DC output from the panels is fed directly into an Inverter which converts it to AC. The AC output from the inverter is connected to your consumer unit alongside your existing mains supply and the self generated electricity is used in preference to that from the grid. If you are using more than you are generating then the balance is used from the grid however if you are generating more than you use then the surplus is sent back to the grid.

On-Grid systems are elegible for the Clean Energy Cashback scheme (also known as a Feed-in tariff or FIT) where you are paid for every kWh of electricity you generate, whether you use it or sell back to the grid. See the FIT & RHI page for more details

How Much Will I Need To Power My Property?

The answer to this will be as individual as a property however a typical domestic system of about 1.5 to  2kWp will provide around 1/3 of the annual demand of a average family. As part of our survey we will calculate the potential annual output of the system and you will be able to compare this with your current annual usage (use your previous 4 electricity bills as a guide). As a rough guide you can typically expect to pay around £3000 per installed kWp for a PV system i.e. a 2kWp system will be in the region of £6000.

Dont forget to change your light bulbs to low energy ones – every little helps.


An inverter is effectively a transformer in reverse (the transformer is the ‘brick’ that sits between the mains plug and your appliance such as a laptop or games console). It takes a DC input from the solar panel and converts it to a 240v AC output. This output is then connected directly to your consumer fuse box on its own dedicated circuit. The inverter selection is based on the output and number of PV panels and has to be matched carefully in order to allow the system to work most efficiently.

On-Grid Inverters

Manufacturer and model
Peak output
(exc VAT)
SMA Sunny Boy 1200
1200 W
SMA Sunny Boy 1700
1700 W
SMA Sunny Boy 2500
2500 W
SMA Sunny Boy 3000
3000 W
SMA Sunny Boy 3300
3300 W
SMA Sunny Boy 3800
3800 W
SMA Mini Central SMC4600
4600 W
SMA Mini Central SMC5000
5000 W
SMA Mini Central SMC6000
6000 W

Also available is the Sunny Beam wireless table top unit which displays the realtime output,  day overview, monthly overview as well as the cumulative total (can be wall mounted). £206.61 + VAT